Leslie Neal
Founder, Artistic Director, Artist Facilitator Inside Out

Leslie Neal has been an active member of the Miami dance community since 1981. She received a B.S.Ed. in Dance from the University of Georgia and a M.F.A. in Dance from Florida State University. Ms. Neal's choreography has been commissioned throughout Florida and the Southeast, and was presented at a special tribute to creative southern women at the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia in 1996.

In 1994, Ms. Neal initiated a multi-disciplined creative arts program at Broward Correctional Institution, and since that time has implemented arts programs at five other correctional facilities for women and female juveniles in Florida and taught at facilities for women in California and Michigan. In 1997, Ms. Neal was chosen to serve as an artist-in-residence for the National Endowment of the Arts at the Federal Correctional Institution for Women in Tallahassee, Florida.

Ms. Neal is published in The Citizen Artist by Linda Burnham and Steve Durland, Twelve Secrets of Highly Creative Women – A Portable Memoir by Gail McKeegin, The Performer’s Guide to the Creative Process by Sheila Kerrigan, and Teaching the Arts Behind Bars, by Rachel Williams.

Nicole K. Bible
Executive Director, Artist Facilitator Inside Out

Nicole Bible (formerly, Thomas) is a Florida-licensed CPA and a Miami native. Nicole has worked with Leslie Neal since 1989 and was one of the original company members of ArtSpring when it was founded in 1992 as Leslie Neal Dance. Ms. Bible currently holds ArtSpring’s Executive Director position, formerly serving as treasurer and member of the organization’s board of directors. Nicole began to assist in the Inside Out program in January of 1995 at Broward Correctional Institution and since then has facilitated classes at Broward and Homestead Correctional Institutions and the Broward Outreach Center.

Ms. Bible graduated cum laude from Florida International University (FIU) with Bachelor degrees in Accounting and Dance as well as a Master of Science in Taxation. Ms. Bible also holds a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from FANO/Barry University. She began her professional career with a sole practitioner CPA, working part-time for nine years while completing her studies. She then spent over seven years with a multinational Big 4 accounting firm, where she specialized primarily in tax services for nonprofit exempt organizations. Nicole left corporate America in 2005 when she was appointed by ArtSpring’s board as the organization's first fulltime executive director.

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Board of Directors

Ellen Shishko President


Marianella B. Solis – Treasurer

Sales and Service Leader, Miami-Dade Central, BB&T

Janice Billie – Secretary

Manager, Big Cypress Landing

Cristina de Cordoba – Board Member

President, Primas Creative

Pascale Denis Denize Board Member


Amanda Georges – Board Member

Audit Senior, BDO Limited

Mari Tato – Board Member

Producer, In & Out Production Services

Milda J. Vaivada – Board Member

Owner, Soiree - Bagua Gift Shop




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Ruth, Homestead Correctional Institution,
Inside Out Participant 2002

“During the four years that I was actively involved in this program as an inmate participant, I was afforded the opportunity and means by which to delve into my innermost being, thereby being able to begin to “patch up” the broken woman that I was and blossomed into the vital, courageous woman I am today.”

Isabelle 6/8/01, former Inside Out Participant, now released



“Inside Out has given me a healthy sense of body awareness and creativity through self-expression, which has resulted in an improved self image and higher self-esteem”

Joyce, Broward Correctional Institution, Inside Out participant 1996



“After twenty years of imprisonment I realize I have adapted coping behaviors that are unhealthy, and that would not benefit me in a free society. In preparation for my release I joined Inside Out. Though I was impressed as a member of the audience it does not come close to my gratitude at being a part of Inside Out and experiencing the workshop’s unique form of emotional therapy.”

Marilyn, Homestead Correctional Institution, Inside Out participant 2001


“ Since I have been incarcerated for a number of years, I noticed myself withdrawing and closing down with regard to interacting with others. The program with its creative cultural abilities has allowed me to learn how to work through unhealthy issue and become an active part of social group. The class has also taught me different ways to deal and cope with my emotions whether it is through writing or movement. It also gives me the opportunity to explore the inner me and constructively work through my emotions in a healthy manner.”

Patricia, Homestead Correctional Institution, Inside Out participant 2001



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